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We can give you expert, quality tuition in all aspects of the Occupational English Test, or just in the areas you feel that you are weak in. David is an OET-qualified tutor who started teaching OET in October 2017 just before the test was accepted by the NMC in the UK and has been assisting medical staff to realise their dream of working in the UK at their qualified level of medical expertise since then.

Before any lessons begin David will assess your 4 skills i.e. Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking as well as your grammar skills and knowledge of the OET test. From this assessment he will advise you on what you will need in terms of lessons, homework assignments and self-study. You will be given practice materials and helpful links online that will enable you to achieve a level where you can feel confident in passing the test. He will guide you in booking the test and what you will need to do on test day. Advice and guidance will be given to you on what the OET assessors are looking for especially in your Writing and Speaking using the assessment criteria as a guide. David has seen many of his students pass the test and will always be realistic in marking your assessments and in the advice he gives you.

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